Sassy Girls Book Expo reserves the right to refuse any book that contains objectionable sexual or violent content.

Our policy is absolute honestly. We will let the author know the status of their book if it is chosen for review. Authors will receive a copy of their review for promotional or other purposes.

NOTE: Any book that is PUBLISHED and ON SALE that is full of grammatical, spelling or other errors will be returned to the author with a note from the reviewer. A typo or two is acceptable. A book full of errors is not. We expect independently published books to be as professionally edited as anything legacy publishers put out. Yes, we know human eyes sometimes miss things. Still, if a writer threw together a book and hit publish on KDP before having it professionally edited, we’re not going to waste time with it.

A book tagged “ADVANCE REVIEW COPY” or “ARC“, meaning pre-publication, is expected to have errors that the author is aware of and will correct before the book goes on sale. Therefore, the reviewer will go head and read the book–though we will give the author a heads up if there are problems with the text. That is a professional courtesy, and we are glad to help an author make sure they are publishing a quality product to sell to readers.

Books not chosen by a reviewer will be shelved after 90 days.