These are the authors volunteering their services to Sassy Girls Book Expo. If a direct contact email is not provided email and we will forward your request to the staffer:

Devyn Quinn – Web design & content. Vellum book formatting services also available, eBook and Print. Direct Contact:

Claire Matturro – Reviews Direct Contact: &

Kris Kennedy – Proofing web text, developmental editing & writing classes, plotting brainstorming/story craft consults, and more. Direct Contact:

Meredith Bond –  Proofreading and editing, classes in formatting. Direct Contact:

Mary McFarland – Digital marketing and platform building. Also available to provide developmental editing. Book reviewer.  Direct Contact:

Janis Susan May- Reviews & Proofreading. Direct Contact:   Use contact form.

Eliza Peake– Story edits, proofreading, book reviews. Direct Contact:

Wendy Delaney –  Proofreading, assistance with blurbs, and anything that needs a second set of eyes. Direct Contact:

Livia Quinn – Advice to newbies on Self Pubbing, going wide, DIY covers, Scrivener and Word basics & mentoring. Direct Contact:

Amber Bentley – Promotions.  Direct Contact:

Sascha Illyvich –  Advisor, editor and columnist. Will mentor happily and steer authors toward their goals. Direct Contact:

Faith Jameson – Direct Contact:

Lyndsey Redding – Reviews. Direct Contact:

Mona Risk – Review Coordinator.  Direct Contact:

Ruth A. Casie – Columnist

Renee Arthur — Proofreading, beta-reading. Direct Contact:

Heather Chargualaf – Reviews. Direct Contact:

Rebecca Fairfax:  Developmental editing—reading the start of your book to work with you on your story and story arcs, characters and character arcs, structure and pacing, and your narrative voice.  Teaching authors how to self-edit. Can also advise with blurbs.  Direct Contact:

Cynthia Cribbs – Troubleshooter