Answers to general questions:

Q: How does SGBE work?

A: It’s all about YOU, the author, and your need to find an affordable place to promote that doesn’t display your books with a hundred others– or more — at a time. How can your book get noticed when no one sees it?

SGBE focuses on a limited amount each month, ensuring each title and author gets a little eye-love from readers!

We showcase roughly 20 book covers/ authors monthly.  We have several features that authors can book, from our Spotlight On…Feature, to an Extended Cover Feature, a Carousel feature, and an individual cover listing. You can also schedule a Cover Reveal to appear on a certain date!

Q: Do you offer reviews?

A: Right now, reviews will be offered on a limited basis. First come, first served. As our staff expands, so will the reviews.

Q: Do you offer mentoring services to new authors?

A: Yes! Authors needing help with book production, editing, cover art, promotions, manuscript and eBook formatting, etc… may contact us to open a dialogue. If we can help out, we will. We offer anything from helping design an initial website, to promotions on social media, to help with editing or critiquing a difficult piece. Remember, we are authors, too. We know how hard it is to get things done when you are just starting your journey to publication!

Q: What is the cost?

A: It’s all FREE. No charges.

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