For June 2019, Sassy Girls is pleased to host author K. Marie, who answers a few pressing questions and shares an excerpt from her book, Wreckless Engagement.

Hello Everyone!

I’m K. Marie; an Indie Author from Michigan, mother of three, and wife to a wonderful and patient man going on nineteen years now.

A true romantic at heart, I have an admitted weakness for bad-boys and gangsters and love nothing more than a happily-ever-after. So, of course, it was only natural that I’d combine all three in my writing. In my contemporary romance books, Wreckless Engagement and Wreckless Intentions, you’ll find a gripping tale that’s rife with hunky heroes, feisty heroines, drama, suspense, and a little bit of gangster.

Outside of writing, my loves are reading, wine, fashion, traveling, and doing DIY projects around the house. On my bucket list is skydiving, learning Spanish (because if I go to one more Spanish speaking country and can’t communicate with anyone outside of the resort, I’m going to rip my hair out!), and taking a three-month tour of Europe.

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Q & A

Q: How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

A: I’ve written two books thus far: Wreckless Engagement and Wreckless Intentions (Books 1 & 2 in The Russian Engagement Series). Book #3 is currently in the works, as well as a standalone book that’s separate from the series (it involves a HitWoman 🙂 I anticipate the release of the standalone to be July 2019. And I’m biased, so I love both books equally.

Q: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

A: I had always been an avid reader and possessed quite the imagination, but it wasn’t until I was well into my twenties that I realized I wanted to write stories of my very own. I’d always had them in my head, of course, but never actually envisioned myself being capable of someday being an author. Just goes to show, we have to have faith in ourselves and follow our dreams, no matter where they lead us.

Q: Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

A: Other than my very active imagination, I’ve found that real-life experiences, people and places mostly influences my stories. In fact, since writing my first book, Wreckless Engagement, I realized how valuable traveling is when it comes to world-building. Many of the settings in my books are from places I’ve traveled to. In addition, my love of gangster movies—such as The Godfather, Good Fellas, The Untouchables, etc., influences that aspect of my writing as well.

Q: How long does it take you to write a book?

A: Too long! Meh. Ideally, I think six months is reasonable. But it took me almost two years to complete Book #1 and almost six months to complete Book #2. I wish I were one of those authors who pump out a book every few months, but sadly, and with my other commitments, it takes me a lot more time. But as with most things, the more you do it the easier it gets. You figure out a way to manage. Plus, you have more of a sense of what you’re doing! Ha-ha.

Q: What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

A: Honestly, it’s all over the place! I really have no set schedule when writing, but do write best late at night after everyone has gone to bed and it’s completely quiet. I write best when it’s quiet. And when I’m truly focused—or in the “zone”, I can stay up literally all night writing. There have been times where my kiddies got up to get ready for school and I hadn’t even been to sleep yet!

Q: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

A: Everything! I was such a novice when I first started writing—I literally had no idea how to write a book other than typing words onto a Word document. I guess the most surprising thing was the cost of everything: editing, formatting (for ebook and hardcopy), book cover, promo teasers, videos, swag, etc. It all adds up! Of course, if you can do some of these things yourself it’ll keep the cost down. But I’ve learned so much during my journey and am still learning.

Q: Do you have any suggestions to help me become a better writer? If so, what are they?

A: For anyone who’s starting out; thinking of writing a book but haven’t yet gotten started, research will be your best tool and friend. Read, read, read! Visit blog sites and social media sites that cater to writing—especially novel writing. And be sure to network with other authors! There is so much information out there and it will save you from some of the pitfalls I experienced with writing/publishing Book 1. And lastly, do yourself a favor and invest in a good editor. I know that it is an expense most of us starving artist doesn’t want to incur, but you’ll save yourself some money in the long run. I can’t tell you how many of my fellow authors had to pull their books from vendor sites and re-publish after hiring a professional editor. Readers will definitely point out ALL of your mistakes. Plus, you always want to put your best work out into the world.

Q: Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

A: Yes! I do hear from my readers—and love hearing from new readers. I welcome all questions, feedback, suggestions and even constructive criticism from my readers. I recently had a reader DM me to inquire about the paperback copy of my books; she wanted to recommend the books to her reading group and wanted physical copies. It was such a rewarding feeling; such a blessing to have interest in my books! As authors, we write because it’s our passion, but ultimately, we want our labors of love to be read and enjoyed by others. Part of the experience includes communicating with and getting to know our readers.

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

A: Reading is my second love, so I try to get a little reading in where permissible—mostly books written by fellow indie authors. I like to show my support as much as possible. Traveling would be number three on my list—the hubby/kids and I typically vacation at least twice a year (more when possible). In addition, I’ve been on a health kick lately, so I’ve really been enjoying exercising and cooking healthy versions of my favorite meals (and making skinny cocktails!). I also enjoy doing DIY projects around the house: I’ve refinished two fireplaces, refinished my kitchen cabinets (glass-fronted two of them), installed a new glass tile backsplash, as well as completed many other projects.

Praise for Wreckless Intentions:

“Just when I thought the second book couldn’t possibly be better than the first…Wreckless Intentions is a great read, if you liked the first book you will absolutely love this one! This second book goes into great detail about Garland and his past it even takes you over to Russia, this book is so descriptive I felt like I was there! ” Toshalyn Erve, Amazon Reviewer

“Worth the read! This was my second purchase from K. Marie. I have been looking forward to her follow up to Wreckless Engagement, which was fabulous! I was drawn in immediately. Once I got further into the book, it held my interest and the end did not disappoint! I can’t wait to read K. Marie’s next book!”, Author Freda Ann”

Best Sequel I have read in a while. Sometimes the Sequel is not as good as the first. NOT in this case!! This sequel was just as exciting and sexy as the first. I couldn’t put it down, I just had to continue reading. K. Marie is an author I hope to enjoy for years to come.” Shanna T. Baldwin, Kindle Club Reviewer

The Russian Engagement Series

Copyright 2018 By: K. Marie


The brightness of the sun penetrating my closed eyelids dragged me from a hard sleep.

Groaning, I flipped over to avoid the glare, but after only a few minutes huffed in resignation. We’d only gotten back to the hotel a little after 3 a.m.; I couldn’t have been asleep for very long.

Tossing back the covers, I dragged myself out of bed to close the curtains and nearly lost my balance as I stumbled over one of the heels I’d worn the previous night. Throwing my arm out in barely enough time, I managed to avoid planting my head into the opposite wall.

“Shit!” I yelled, wincing in pain as my baby finger bent backward.

Perhaps I had a bit too much to drink last night.

Then again, my fuzzy head could be due to the ridiculously loud den and unintelligible screaming of the rapper, Crank.

Nursing my finger, I took an internal inventory as I shuffled to the toilet. My brain was foggy, my mouth tasted like an ashtray, and my stomach felt as if the slightest amount of encouragement would have me praying to the Porcelain God.

We ended up going to a second club last night, where several guys kept buying us rounds of tequila shots. I’d obviously gone over my quota.

Mental note to self…Don Julio is not my friend.

After relieving my bladder and brushing my teeth, I stumbled out of the bathroom. Remembering to draw the curtains at the last minute, I ventured across the room before climbing back into bed to resume sleeping. But as my thoughts drifted back to last night, my eyes popped right back open. Garland!

My God, how could I have forgotten about him?

Don Julio, I reminded myself. The man would be hard to forget otherwise.

The party he invited me to! 

He said he’d call today with the details but did I really want him to? Wasn’t it wrong to even think about another man calling when I was engaged?

“Arrgh!” I groaned, already knowing the answer to that question.

Yet still, Garland intrigued me last night. I’d met my share of attractive men but never one as appealing as he. The man exuded confidence but there was also something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. A hint of mystery perhaps? Even still, did I actually intend to accept the party invite?

Hell yes! Who was I kidding?

The simple fact was, I wanted to see him again. If he called, I would go. Besides, I was here in South Beach to have a good time, and it was only a party.

My guilty line of thinking led me to thoughts of John, my fiancé.

We’d been together nearly two years now; engaged almost one. Handsome with boy-next-door looks, John was intelligent and hardworking and had been more than patient with my wish to hold off wedding planning until I’d completed my MBA.

I’d just started back working on my degree when we met by chance at a local coffee shop. Both of us had been busy working on our laptops when we decided to take a break and headed back to the counter for refills at the same time. We struck up a friendly conversation and hit it off.

Being a single mother had its challenges when it came to dating, but John treated both me and my five-year-old daughter, Autumn, very well. However, if I were being honest, I would admit that earning my degree was only half the reason I’d postponed wedding plans. I didn’t fully understand my own hesitation. But having gotten married young, and having gone through a nasty divorce, the thought of remarrying simply wasn’t that exciting a prospect for me. I had been drawing things out and could tell John’s patience was wearing thin. I will have completed my degree in a couple of months, so the time to start wedding planning was looming near.

I rolled over onto my side with a sigh and with thoughts of calling both John and Autumn when the hour was decent.

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