Oh, gee, where to begin. I started writing as a teenager, but gave it up to become a responsible adult, which didn’t work out so well. There is some wisdom in following your heart. There’s a part of you that longs for something, something you are meant to do. Not doing it is not a good thing. Trust yourself. I didn’t. Learn from me.

Anyway, decades passed, and the need to write came back in 2001. I got published in 2003 and to date have written four novels, one novella, and one anthology. I’ve also written a science fiction screenplay and one television pilot. So far, I haven’t made the NYT best seller’s list. Working on it.

I have an MFA in creative writing from Full Sail University. I don’t know where that will take me, if it takes me anywhere at all. But let’s see, shall we? Anything’s possible. That much I know for sure.