A Claddagh in the Clover By Emma Jayne Mills


Mick O’Rourke locked his secrets away and came to Frost Ford to begin life again from scratch. In the small English town, he found stability after years of endless wandering and friends who became the family he’d been forced to leave behind. Friends who he would go to any lengths necessary to protect, including confronting his past when it came back to haunt him. He ran then, but he’s no longer that easily threatened teenager. He’s a man who protects what’s his, the question is, does that particular part of his past want to be his?

Enora Murray made decisions she believed to be best for everyone. She donned a mask with which to protect herself and those she loved, including Mick. Only he can’t see the girl he once knew underneath that mask. He sees only the lie she has lived for the last ten years. He sees the cold, calculating woman she became in order to survive the dangerous world she found herself in. She lived with the decisions she made, but now she’s making a few more. It’s time to take a walk into her past. It’s time for long buried secrets to surface at last.

Killian Murray is not a good man. He never had any chance of being a good man, not when he was the eldest son and heir to Dublin’s most notorious crime family. He is dangerous. He is powerful. He is feared. So, what does a man like him do when his wife runs into the arms of the man he stole her from in the first place? He goes after her, of course. He has a reputation to uphold, a failed marriage and an estranged wife is not a weakness he can afford. He made vows and he intends to keep them.

“…until death, my dear wife. Until death.”

Secrets of Frost Ford Book Two


I turned again and walked around the desk to where my husband now lay, unconscious, with blood escaping across his chest. I didn’t look where the wound was, fatal or not I knew it was only a matter of time before one of his lackeys came looking for him. Fortunately, everything was already in place for my escape and I now began to move quickly, exiting the office with one last look behind me at my bleeding husband.

I’d spent years wearing a mask. A mask so intricately constructed over time that it became impossible to remove and now rested permanently in place. Scratch the surface and you could find no trace of what once was, I wasn’t certain if it had even truly been there. I’d become so guarded that the secrets I kept were almost invisible, buried deep so that even I could no longer find them. I was cold, detached, emotionless. Hard edges and sharp corners. The happy, carefree girl I used to be was burned to nothing by the all-consuming fire that was Killian Murray.

That is how he made me. I chose him and I chose this life.

I was his creation.

And I could be his end.

Author bio…

Emma had a dream. It took a long time to realize that dream and when it finally happened it came via a career as a pre school teacher, becoming a Mum of three and 15 years as an army wife following her husband from posting to posting across the UK and Europe as he served his country.
Emma and her family have now left the army bubble and settled in their forever home of Spain, where she has at last, sat down and listened to the voices in her head.
Emma likes her beer cold, her feet bare and her words uncensored.

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