Sassy Girls Book Expo welcomes author Sierra Terry, whose erotic fairy tales are guaranteed to heat up the night.

SG: Sierra, please introduce yourself:

ST: Born and raised in Central Virginia, there was almost no chance I could have grown up NOT being creative. My mother was and still is, highly creative with her drawings and poetry and she always encouraged me to pursue my work even if she didn’t always like my subject matter!

I realized pretty young I loved to draw and read and despite all the encouragement I had, I somewhat put my creativity on the back burner until a few years ago. No job ever interested me like art and storytelling does, so in my mid-20s I started my comic again and worked on it like my second job! Since then I finished drawing the comic, wrote 5 fantasy novels and more recently put all my works under my business name Sailorfrill Studio as well as started selling at anime, book or comic conventions.
Today I will be talking about my two self-published works Fairytales for the Bedroom and my longer book The Longest Knight which is the first in my novel series called The Four Kingdoms Series plus a few more.

Q:  When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

A: I’m actually not certain when I first knew! I almost always did comics as a kid and whenever I had a short story assignment I would never end up with a short story. I always just kept going and going! Haha! I guess if I had to pick an age it would be around 26/27 when I started my first novel The Longest Knight. That book was supposed to be a little short novella for me and my friend but it somehow grew completely out of control and now I have a 5 book series! I saw this as a sign I really enjoy writing.

Q:  How long does it take you to write a book?

A: Depends on the book, but usually, it’s around 3 or 4 months. I was surprised when I saw how fast I wrote my second book and thought that just happened because I had some extra free time at my day job but once things picked up again and I started on my third novel, then I realized it wasn’t just because of work. Now, if you wanna include how long it takes to finish a book with illustrations, that’s a whole different story. That takes closer to a year.

Q: . What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

A: It’s kind of crazy. Since I still work full time, I write whenever I get a moment. There are certain parts of my job that have me just standing around waiting, so what’s the best thing for me to do while waiting? Write of course! I will also take about an hour before bed to work on only writing, regardless of how much I did or didn’t write earlier in the day.

Q: . What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

A: Hrm…I’m not sure! It could be I say dialogue out loud a lot or the fact I can type things up faster on my phone than I can on my computer!

Q: How do books get published?

A: I self-publish mine through Amazon’s Createspace aka their Kindle direct publishing. This is pretty much free and they put the finished book on sale pretty quickly but originally I really wanted a paid for self-publisher. The ones I was looking at had advertising and editors included in their costs but would have cost about $1,300 which I didn’t have when The Longest Knight was finished. Sad, because I had plans to save, but like usual, life throws things at you and ruins plans.

Q. Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

A; Well, for The Longest Knight started out as kind of a Red Riding Hood romantic smut story and Fairytales for the bedroom uses ideas from old legends, the Wild Wild West (the time period not the movie) and even the Beauty and the Beast story, so really, I can take ideas from anywhere!

Q. When did you write your first book and how old were you?

A: If we are taking just novels then I started The Longest Knight back in 2015 and I was 26 or 27. It was actually close to Thanksgiving to!

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

A: Draw of course! I also like trying new low carb recipes, watch animated movies and read webcomics if I have the time.

Q: What does your family think of your writing?

A: They aren’t crazy about the smut ones but they are glad I love to create things! Of course, my family consist of just my parents so liking any smut I write might be a little weird. Haha!

Q: . What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

A: That writing smut, even romantic smut, is hard and exhausting! I love the first novel in my novel series because it started me down this journey and I regret nothing, but dang! I never want to write a smut novel again and this is why none of the other books in The Four Kingdoms Series will be smut.

Q: How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

A: Including my comic, it’s 7! My favorite I have to go with novel number 3 in The Four Kingdoms Series: Grim. That is the one I find myself going back and reading the most! Which is very ironic! That story wasn’t even supposed to happen! I wrote that story after a friend’s urging because the main character from that book made a brief appearance in the second book and she said: “he’s too interesting to not have his own novel!” And so here I am with this 12 chapter book about this werewolf guy that started as a side character and looking forward to getting it published!

Q: Do you have any suggestions to help me become a better writer? What are they?

A: Plan out big details first then make up the smaller details as you go. It always seemed easier when I sort of had a “timeline” to go by. This helped in not only my novels but my comic to and I’m happy I happened across it by accident! Also, write notes to yourself. I always had small notes about what I wanted to show up in each of my stories and writing down notes(in my case it was writing them in my phone) helped me in remembering all of them when it came to actually writing it all. Otherwise, I’d forget all the neat ideas I came up with while at someplace like work.

Q: . Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

A: I don’t have a lot of readers just yet but I had a few people still read some and it’s all really positive! People really liked The Longest Knight and a lot of them identified with characters I really wasn’t expecting but I’m happy they did anyway. There’s a lot of love for Dagger who’s a bit of an outcast and people just got drawn to him because of that.

Q: What do you think makes a good story?

A: Like for anything, passion for the craft. Can’t lie, there aren’t a lot of new ideas left, so how you tell your not-so-new story will be the bulk of the draw. Pour your soul and sweat and tears into it and it’ll be a good story!(and get an editor if you can afford it)

Q: As a child what did you want to do when you grew up?

A: Haha! It was always comic book artist or writer with me! I truly never wanted to do anything else but write/create so here I am, doing it as much as I can!

Synopsis for Fairytales for the Bedroom:

Fairytales for the bedroom is a collection of short erotic stories I wrote over the years. Each story has some fantasy element to it, you can find anything from a Krampus story to an elf girl tale. Most stories may be strange but all are the right amount of sexy~

Synopsis for The Longest Knight:

The Longest knight is an erotic romantic fantasy Illustrated novel about Princess Milena and the love she carries for the one and only Werewolf knight in her kingdom.

After three long years of war with the Borras Kingdom, Princess Milena is sent away in secret by her father to her grandparent’s house for her personal safety and she gets to bring none other than the wolf that holds her affections. With the road full of enemy soldiers, wild animals and the threat of being discovered, can the pair make the three day long ride there unharmed? Or will the dangers of war tear them apart before Milena ever has a chance to tell her knight her heart’s desire?

Excerpt for The Longest Knight:

“Wait, what’s this?” The Princess asks as they approach a clearing in the trees.
In front of them is what appeared to be a small meadow, there is a variety of bright colorful flowers everywhere. The river sits at the edge of it and if you crossed it you would be back in the forest.
“Wow! This is a great place to rest!” The Princess says as she lifts her long skirt and jogs out into the clearing to examine the flowers.
Dagger normally would have stopped her but the meadow provides excellent visibility so he let her enjoy herself while he secures her horse to a tree. Additionally, he’s happy to see her seemingly forget about why they’re running and have her relax for just a little while.

“Dagger look! Some of these flowers look like little Sunflowers!” she calls to him, the flower in question already in her hands.
When Dagger gets close to her he stops and kneels down on one knee next to her.
“Sunflowers are still your favorite right?”
“Aww…I can’t believe you remembered that!”
‘Of course, I remembered….’ Dagger says only to himself. Then he got an idea. “Hold still a moment, Princess.”
“Hrm? OK.”
He takes the flower from her and gently touches her hair. The Princess’s heart skips a beat then. Dagger slips the flower into her hair next to her headband so it can look like its part of her headpiece.
“There. Perfect,” he says as he steps back to admire her with that same loving smile she grew to love.
The Princess stares up at him, her heart beating ferociously in her chest and her face lit up like a candle.
“Aha, thank you. You’re just too sweet to me!” she laughs as she finally looks away and touches her new headpiece gently.
‘Oh….why do you make my heart race so much?’ The Princess moans to herself.

Excerpt for Fairytales for the Bedroom:

“On my lap,” he says pointing to himself.
She sets herself down on him like she’s told, and Daddy raises his hand up high and brings it down hard on her naked ass. Kitten yelps with that one slap. He hits her again, harder this time and she yells louder. His hand comes down on her relentlessly over and over, making her ass jiggle after each slap. Kitten whimpers and cries tear-less under him.
“You know not to be a bad girl, or you get punished!” Daddy says over her yelping.
“I know! I’m sorry Daddy!”
“Say it again!”
“I’m sorry Daddy!”
He watches her ass jiggle nonstop as he hits her. It reddens with his harsh treatment; her dark skin can’t save her from that much. Her ass is so tempting, especially when it’s like this, red and tender and begging for a pounding. He curses at himself in his mind again.
“Damn you for being so sexy…” Daddy whispers as he slows down his spanking and squeezes her ass.

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