Promotional Features we offer:

    • Spotlight On… Feature:  Includes an Interview, Author Photo, Book Cover, Excerpt, Buy/ Website/social media links.
    • Series or Multiple Books Cover Feature: Multiple books or Series Feature. Link back to author’s site or social media, etc…
    • Carousel Feature: A revolving carousel of covers, brief blurbs,  and clickable links to author’s site, social media or sales pages.
    • Single Cover Display: Cover, brief synopsis, review blurb (if applicable) and buy link.
    • Cover Reveal: Book a cover reveal and we’ll showcase your fab new cover, and show it around!
    • Sneak Peek: Includes up to 1 chapter of your book, a cover, buy links and links to your website and/or social media. This is a scaled down version of the Spotlight On Feature, and does not include the author interview and author photo (optional) .
    • Guest Blogging: Take over SGBE and share exclusive details with your readers.
    • Sidebar Display: Book cover(s) displayed on the sidebar of posts and pages, with brief blurb & buy links.  See Sample here.  An author may book up to 6 covers, and this is great for series promotion.  The sidebars are displayed on select pages, including the review request page, which means it gets a LOT of traffic.
    • Flash Sale/ Steal or Deal: Running a special sale for a limited time? Let us know and we will post it on social media, etc…
    • Single Author Newsletter: A SGBE newsletter devoted to a single author and their book(s). Author will be required to write a brief article introducing readers to their work, as well as offer an excerpt. Author may include a photo and biography. Author must offer featured book at a discounted price for our readers.  Click here to see sample newsletter.   Note: We will only do 1 Single Author Newsletter per month. That is 12 per year, so spaces are limited! We want to see your best to feature to our readers!
    • New Release Announcement: Got a new book release to announce? Send us the Amazon link to your book and we will post it on our social media. Direct email: / Subject: New Release

Please use the form below to let us know what features you are interested in. Authors may reserve more than 1 promotion, though not in the same month. All promotions are provided FREE. There is NO CHARGE.

Once we receive your email, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your promotions. At that time we will let you know what materials you need to send  to complete your feature. 

Please do not send anything until we confirm a booking!

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Mentorships & Services, as provided by staff volunteers. Check our Services page for more information:

Social Media Builder – Help getting on social media and gaining followers. We will share your info with our newsletter subscribers and shout about you on social media until the cows come home.

Editing/Critiquing – Need someone to give you a clear view of a manuscript? Help with a synopsis or a back cover blurb? We have editors just dying to offer the red pen.

Self-Publishing Basics – Advice to newbies on self-pubbing, going wide, DIY covers, using Scrivener and Word .

Book formatting – Print and eBook. Send us your manuscript and cover and we can format it into PDF, Kindle, Nook, and more in minutes! Suitable for uploading through all sales venues. We will even send you a sample so you can see what we can do. FREE!

Need something else, but it is not listed? Ask!