What I do – I write fiction on my tree farm called Mucky Manor.  Let’s say, I’m not writing conventional romantic suspense, although I won the Golden Pen award for my novel The Profiler’s Passion, coming 2019.  Let’s also say, I’m out to break the mold with a bitchin’ urban fantasy called Bareback: Godiva’s Ride for The Philosopher’s Stone, also coming 2019.

My characters – know the score.  They live to tackle society’s dark fringe—to get justice.  Acting on instinct, they survive based on wit and their backgrounds in criminology and the forensic sciences.  Love’s not their game, but it finds them, inevitably.  It adds meaning in their lives, consumed by the chase and ill-equipped for romance.


Like my characters – I’m digging my journey, so I’m paying it forward.  I can help you with:

  • Platform building
  • Digital marketing
  • Developmental editing

Thanks for joining me here: