Guest Blog for Extra Promo!

Writers, come blog with us!

It’s one thing to write about the business of creating a book, but we want to go deeper. We want to know not only what inspires you, but what makes you tick. In other words, who is the person behind and what is and their life experiences on planet earth? What magic calling led you to sit down and create something you could share with the world?

For example: Maybe reading Little House on the Prairie inspired you to try your hand at making butter from scratch.  Or maybe you got the yen to go camping and tough it out for a weekend. Or maybe vintage clothes inspired you to write your first historical novel. Or, go darker. Did the death of your beloved dog when you were a kid inspire a horror novel (where did King get that idea for Pet Sematary anyway???) Every writer has more than one source of inspiration. Now, you can share it with readers! In other words, tell us all about you and who you are as a writer in a fun, entertaining article style format.

Not only will your post be published (high five!), you get a credit, link back to your site, a featured book cover and buy links. Yes! More promo for you, you sly dog.

So, pull out the pencils and paper, and get to writing those articles! Remember, it’s all about our readers!