Guest Blog: Jen Pretty

My name is Jen Pretty and I have been writing for about 18 months. I have been an avid reader for a long time, consuming urban fantasy novels like they were candy. I love the delicious stories of paranormal beings living among us in secret. They sweep me away to an intriguing fantasy world.

My first novel Fae Magic, came about unexpectedly around Christmas time in 2017. I was hunting through Amazon for a new book to read and couldn’t find one that looked interesting, so I decided to write something. I had never written even a short story before, but after weeks of squinting at my phone and typing out words every spare moment I could find, I suddenly had a novel.
Having no experience in writing books and no friends or family with knowledge of the industry, but having a DIY personality, I read a lot of how-to websites and watched a ton of videos There I found help with everything from editing to publishing.
What came from that was an obsession with writing stories. I now have ten books published with two on the way and three more in the planning stages. My writing career has taken off.
I publish all my books on Amazon and all of them are available through Kindle Unlimited as that is where I do most of my reading, too.

My latest book series.

My most recent series starts with the book Gargoyle Huntress. This book follows the trials and tribulations of a funny young woman named Harlow.
She got in a bit of trouble a few years ago and ended up as the keeper of the gargoyles for her home town. That is a strange job, but it gets much stranger when the gargoyles start disappearing and she is tasked with finding them and bringing them home.
These gargoyles aren’t all that they appear to be, though, and neither is the hunky biker guy who drags her across the country saying she needs to help with this serious situation.
Harlow was a fun character to write as I had the opportunity to channel someone pretty close to me to create her character. For those who don’t know me, I should mention that I am owned by a rather opinionated husky dog named salt. She has very strong opinions about things and there is no changing her mind. She was the basis for Harlow’s character and I think Salt would agree I did her justice.
So, if you are looking for a fun, fresh and easy read, pick up Gargoyle Huntress, book one in the Harlow’s Demons series today. The full series is available now from Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited.






What’s coming next?

I have my first stand alone book coming July 14th.
This novel, titled Re-Vamping Las Vegas, is the story of one vampire’s life. It’s more of a literary Fantasy than my typical novels, with a dark theme, but still carries my usual humor that keeps the book from being bland. It doesn’t have a happy ending, but you will be glad you read it, none the less.
I promise.
Here is the blurb.

Nia hates people.
She also hates vampires.

Too bad she is one.

An innocent bit of fun finds Nia tangled with a dangerous man and the powers that be send her to live with the vampire lord of Las Vegas.
Their efforts to get Nia back on the straight and narrow are almost as ridiculous as her fathers attempt to make her this heir in his bid for world domination.
It’s Las Vegas, what trouble could she possibly find?
Her life takes a sharp turn when someone tries to use her in a power struggle against her father, and her past sneaks up on her.
The past never stays where you left it, and sometimes the beginning is just the start of the end.

Re-Vamping Las Vegas is available for pre-order now.

Thanks for reading,
Jen Pretty

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