Review: Privilege

Privilege by Claire Matturro

Call it a romantic suspense or a story of survival–Ruby’s survival. She survives a difficult childhood, a dark past, and an abusive husband. With her wild beauty and uncanny intelligence, she easily attracts men. Each boyfriend helps her in a different way. Determined  to be independent, she accepts the temporary help and works hard to improve her status. But oftentimes, the man in her life resents her when she manages to succeed and threatens his ego. However, can she escape her past?

The story grabbed me from the first line. With every page, the plot thickened. Are the victims villains? Are the villains victims?

Claire Matturro pens a thriller with great characters, people who struggle and suffer, love and fight with passion, people conflicted between their work–duty– and their personal emotion–loved ones.

In addition to the characters, I enjoyed the way the author anchors the reader in the setting with realistic showing of colors, sounds and smells particular to each scene. I couldn’t put the book down and read late in the night. A compelling story with an unexpected yet very satisfying ending. Ms. Matturro you have a new fan!

Review by Mona Risk

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