New Release: My Dark Passenger

My Dark Passenger by McKenzie Rae

Kevin Wolf is on a road trip back to his hometown. Wolf decides to drive through the night when he spots a teenage girl hitchhiking on the side of a lonely highway. With the intent of driving her to safety, Wolf offers her a ride. The mysterious girl at first doesn’t speak a word. She refuses to tell Wolf her name, where she’s from, or where she is going.

Strange things begin to occur in her company. The girl evades his attempts to hand her over to the police, and her presence seems to cause everyone except Wolf discomfort. Adults avoid her, children cry at the sight of her, and crows follow the girl wherever she goes. Wolf also starts having an odd recurring nightmare about a faceless shadow driving his truck.

When they reach his hometown, Wolf unknowingly brings both himself and the girl into a monster’s lair. Although, the mysterious and silent girl may know more about monsters than she lets on.

With an eerie atmosphere revolving around a town-wide Halloween festival, My Dark Passenger explores an unseen world that exists right alongside the one we believe we know so well.

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