New Release: Gypsy

Gypsy by Olivia Marie

An open road. A lonely man. A mission. Stella was not like the others. She had a way about her; a manner that could be deadly.A few things about her were sure: She was fascinated with death and went looking for it. When she couldn’t satisfy an urge, she created ways to satiate it.Her beauty was unmistakable.With just a hint of a southern drawl and the manners to go with it, even her coyest victim could be tricked. Captivating, she was impossible to look away from. Wild and untamed, the world was hers to take. She wanted it all and nothing and nobody would yield her.She loved collecting things. ***Other things about her were less certain about the nomad beauty:She didn’t have a place to call her own.But she did have an entire country. It was impossible to predict where she’d wind up next.It didn’t matter. She had her backpacks.She could not understand her own fixation with death.Yet she was determined to wrap her head around it. What she did know was that she had to move; had to be free.After all, there ‘was a killer on the loose,’ she loved to explain bashfully.An open road. A wild girl. A guiltless gypsy…

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