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Not long after, I created the sequel to Kaleidoscope, called Baby Blues, which features two teens, Barbara and Derek, who have nothing and are friended by Alice and Scott from Kaleidoscope, who have everything, but what they most desire. By meeting, they share the most precious love of all—mother’s love in Baby Blues was inspired by my sister who found the love of her life on an internet dating site. Since I love fishing, I created a fishing-themed site and set a college professor off to find romance there. She found lots of nibbles on the site, but some were misses and some were messes before she hit the big tuna she was hoping for in

The sequel to came from the request of fans, who enjoyed the feisty personality of a secondary character in named Wanda so much that they wanted more of her. Caught in the Middle features Wanda in all her larger-than-life wonderfulness as she struggles with the ups and downs of married life with her husband, Joe in Caught in the Middle.

So when people ask where I get my ideas from, I explain that I get them from living a long life with fascinating people. I draw from my four children’s experiences and those of their friends, from my four siblings’ experiences and those of their children and friends, from co-workers, people I meet at the grocery store, those I overhear at a restaurant. Ideas are everywhere. You just have to be quiet enough to listen. Store them away for future use. Stir the ideas together in a pot as though making a hearty chicken soup, and viola, you have a story with spice, character, substance, variety, and good taste.

I’ve written dozens of short stories in genres including vampires, sci-fiction, paranormal, romance, and horror, but prefer writing contemporary romance the most because I believe in the happily-ever- after possibility and feel that most people do as well. Whatever genre I write, my stories are relationship stories about how people get along or don’t and how they treat each other or should, and I hope they entertain my readers enough to want to come back for another dip at the well of my writing another time or two or more.

Coming soon will be two YA books: Bubble Gum Love and Lollipop Lure, two  contemporary romances: Adam’s Anguish, which is the sequel to Baby Blues and Chance Meeting, Dracula’s Choice, and Hoarder, a contemporary story that proves that sometimes what looks like crazy is just a cry for love.

Until next time, stay happy and always carry a book with you, for you’ll never be alone and time will fly.

A Brief interview with Rita: 

1.What’s the most inspiring part of where you live?

New Hampshire is a gorgeous state with access to mountains, the ocean, lakes, rivers, and, where I am, one mile from the action in Boston. So, we’ve got it all.

  1. Where did the idea for this story come from? came about because my sister was dating men from an online dating site.

Caught in the Middle is the sequel to People loved the character of Wanda Sterling so much, they wanted more of her. So, the second book focuses on Wanda.

  1. How long did it take you to write it? took about two years.

Caught in the Middle took about nine months.

  1. Which character has etched its way into your heart and why?

Wanda Sterling because she’s feisty, big-hearted, loveable, and just a wonderful person to know. I wish she was my friend.

  1. What are you working on now?

I just finished my first YA (Young Adult) novella called Bubble Gum Love about two guys interested in the same girl and all the facets of teen angst of love plus some racial issues and familial problems. It releases July 27, 2019.

Next up, I’m working on several short stories for these anthologies: Beyond Oz, Beyond Wonderland, Bending Time, Art Inspires Words Vol. 4, Classic Twists, and Beyond Mirrors.

In August my novella, Dracula’s Choice releases. It’s a paranormal romance.

In the fall, I’ll be publishing a YA novel called Bully. In December, the third of my Escape series books will release. It has yet to be named. The first two are Kaleidoscope and Baby Blues.

I work various projects on different days depending on what inspires me that day or what I’ve got new ideas for. I write every day, but find that if I have more than one project in the works, it gives me options to choose from. It helps prevent writer’s block.

About the Author:

Rita Delude creates new worlds with words. Her favorite genre is contemporary romance, but she’s ventured into YA, science fiction, vampires, the circus, and horror in her short story writing.

Her contemporary romance novella is Kaleidoscope. The sequel to Kaleidoscope is Baby Blues, about the most important love of all—mother’s love. A third novella in this series releases in December 2019 called Adam’s Anguish, about the infant born in Baby Blues. A contemporary romance novel based on finding love on a dating site is Catch. net and its sequel Caught in the Middle focuses on the popular character of Wanda from book one in the Catch Series. Her YA romance Bubble Gum Love releases in July 2019. Dracula’s Choice, Hoarder, Sister’s Revenge, all Crazy Ink Publishing titles, will release in 2019.

She’s published short stories in numerous anthologies by multiple publishers. She has also published dozens of non-fiction magazine articles and wrote a twice-weekly column for a newspaper and hundreds of feature stories for seventeen years. Rita Delude holds a MFA in Writing. She is retired from her position as a full professor at Nashua Community College, Nashua, New Hampshire.

She lives in New Hampshire, USA with her husband and their rescue dog, Daisy. They have four married children and nine grandchildren.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading all about you and what inspires you. I also liked seeing your picture so I can put a face with your name.
    I am excited to be in Crazy Ink’s Catfish Anthology with you. I so appreciate the Wednesday writing tips you give to us Indie authors, so much knowledge. Thank you

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