New Release: Hidden Jewel

Hidden Jewel by Olivia Marie

Ryan had lost everything and was giving up on life. He decides to move to a state where nobody knows him.
After settling in and finding a job, he still feels misplaced. That is, until he finds Jewels, a fawn French Bulldog. Emaciated and scared of the world, Ryan can’t help but see himself in the little dog.

Stacy was too busy to have a life outside of work. Owning her own veterinarian clinic and volunteering at the shelter took up all of her time.
With a special needs Labrador to care for too, it is all the companionship she thought she needed after losing her husband.

When Ryan brings Jewels to Stacy’s clinic, it is clear that Ryan needs her as much as she him. But can he let his guard down long enough to let someone else in?

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