The Garden

The Garden by Karla Brandenburg

Landscape designer Gwen Haley is due to inherit her grandparents’ garden estate, a well-known tourist destination. Then it will no longer matter that her parents think she’s unhinged for seeing the ghosts of her grandparents. As the trust term nears the end, accidents that seem to be aimed toward Gwen threaten her life, and her cousin, the estate manager, is intent on discrediting her. Weary of being patronized and belittled, Gwen finds an unlikely ally in the estate’s new horticulturist.

With two older brothers, Brian Benson is no stranger to practical jokers. Taking on a horticulturist job for a fresh start, he had hoped to escape the perception of being the village idiot. Pranks are one thing, but if he can’t expose the guilty party behind the explosion in the greenhouse at Haley Gardens, he and his new boss, Gwen, might both end up dead.

The struggling horticulturist must keep this trust fund baby safe long enough for her to gain her inheritance. But repeating past mistakes may mean losing his heart in the bargain.

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