He Wrote in Red

He Wrote in Red by May Stein Myers

Leocadia Calloway is a clinical psychologist who is devoted to her job, even when it puts her in the crosshairs of a violent psychopath.

When Leocadia is asked to offer her expertise on a civil custody dispute, the case seems like a painfully familiar story of a child caught in the middle of two feuding parents and claims of abuse. Even after meeting with the odd mother and frightened child, nothing about their story seems unusual.

But when she’s violently attacked by an unknown man on her way home, everything changes. As she finally understands the message given to her, she realizes that it all ties back to the child in the custody case she was asked to consult on. If the message is true, the child’s life could be at stake. Not wanting another death on her conscience, she chases the questions of the mysterious circumstances surrounding the case in order to find the truth and save him from death.

But someone else close with the case is watching her. Someone who’s a dangerous psychopath and will do anything to keep the truth hidden. By the time she understands that the stakes include her life and the lives of her loved ones, it’s too late to go back.

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