April ’19 Top Pick

A Wicked Earl’s Widow by Aubrey Wynne

When Eliza’s abusive father forced her into marriage, she had no idea her life would change for the better. Her unwilling rake of a husband had been surprisingly kind to her—until his sudden death. Now, the dowager widow’s father is on the brink of financial ruin and once again makes wedding plans.

Nathaniel, Viscount of Pendleton, gained his title at the age of 12. His kindly but astute estate manager became father and mentor, instilling in the boy an astute sense of responsibility and compassion for his tenants. Fifteen years later, his sense of duty tells him that marriage is the next logical step.

When Lord Pendleton stumbles upon Eliza on the road, defending an elderly woman against ruffians, he’s shocked and intrigued. After rescuing the exquisite damsel in distress, he finds himself smitten. But Nate soon realizes he must discover the dark secrets of her past to truly save the woman he loves.

A sweet Regency romance.

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Author’s Site: www.aubreywynne.com

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