Cover Reveal: After Effects

After Effects by Kelsey Clifton

You’ve defended Manhattan with Gamma – now get ready for the other side of life as a CIRIUS agent.

When Mia Islington joined Charlie Team, she expected danger. Even in the volatile world of the Dogs, rift-hopping isn’t for the faint of heart; there’s always the risk that when you cross over, you might not cross back.

She also expected to find herself in some undignified situations. Trussed up like a spider’s dinner, covered in Horlanan slime, being chased by a beaver the size of a bear – nothing is too extreme for a Watchdog.

But what Mia didn’t expect was that knowledge – of the future, of her impact, of her own limitations – would end up being the heaviest burden of all. When every decision might mean the unraveling of Time itself, how do you make the right one?

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