Staff Recommendations, April ’19

IF you like Johanna Lindsey, Catherine Anderson, and Cassie Edwards’ western romances, you might like Susan Y. Tanner’s Winds Across Texas (re-released by Secret Staircase Books, an imprint of Columbine Publishing Group 2019). Tanner’s crisp prose, her eye for detail, her sense of timing for danger and romance, and her gift for heartfelt storytelling make her novel a winner in the western historical romance category. To learn more, visit Susan Tanner at:

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IF you like The Talented Mr. Ripley, the 1955 thriller/noir novel by Patricia Highsmith, or the shocking twists at the end of any Gillian Flynn novel, you might like Bohemian Rhapsody by Maria Grazia Swan. In true noir/thriller style, Swan know how to ratchet up the suspense, twist the plot so that the ending is somehow both surprising and yet inevitable and offered up with intensity. Available as an e-book for 99 cents, Bohemian Rhapsody is a novella that carries the same punch as a full-length novel. Buy it at For more information, visit Swan at:

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