Jump The Line

Jump The Line by Mary McFarland

Exotic dancer and college senior, Alaina Colby, struggles to live down her family’s reputation as Goshen, Ohio’s notorious crime family, yet loyalty to family, and caring for her meth-addicted brother, is what makes her truly rich. When she’s not working at her day job and evading her weird scalpel-waving boss, a forensic dentist named Brick Verbote, she’s keeping creeps at Omar’s, where she dances for tips, from sticking their fingers too deep into her G-string. The brooding raven-haired coed is rougher than the streets she’ll police after she graduates with her criminology degree and becomes a cop, but will she live to graduate? Can her 4.0 GPA, a personal repertoire of criminal tricks learned from her family, and street smarts keep her alive?

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