Nightfall by TK Lawyer

A relationship was the one thing Tamara didn’t want.

Burned by men, Tamara was done with dating. But someone keeps popping up from her past with reminders of what could’ve been. She faintly recalls Josh, a handsome man she didn’t dare take a chance with, but the past is the past. She shut the door on that option long ago…or did she?

Josh’s nightly runs end at a home he is unfamiliar with. The tantalizing scent inside calls to him, beckons him to explore and urges him to stay. So when the owner takes him in and he realizes she’s his mate, Josh is lost as to what to do. He can’t stay in the crazy situation and heno longer wants to remain her pet. He needs Tamara, now, in his bed, permanently but he has become her new pet,Nightfall.

Josh will stop at nothing to convince Tamara he is the one for her. But will she succumb to hischarm and open her battered heart to a new, promising future- with him? Or will she walk away from the wolf who wants to love her, forever?

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