Review: The Accidental Stranger

The Accidental Stranger (The Accidental Series, book 2) By CJ Fosdick

The Wild Rose Press

January 2017, 390 pages

Recommended for fans of time travel romance, historical romance, and romantic mystery

Available in ebook and paperback

While The Accidental Stranger is book 2 in the continuing Accidental Series story, author CJ Fosdick paints such a compelling portrait of the life her protagonist, Jessica Brewster, is living almost three years after the conclusion of The Accidental Wife (book 1) that the story easily works as a stand-alone novel.

The Accidental Stranger is a mystery/romance that fans of time travel novels should enjoy. The characters are likeable and easy to root for, but this reviewer initially found the subplot that transports the reader to 1880 Ireland to be a confusing interruption in the story flow. However, much like Jessica, who is searching for answers about the lover she believes has travelled through time to reunite with her, the reader will discover clues that link main plot to subplot and, after an entertaining story twist, will be rewarded with a satisfying resolution to the mystery.

CJ Fosdick’s The Accidental Stranger, set in picturesque Wyoming, is the perfect rainy day read for time travel novel enthusiasts and genealogy buffs. Three stars.

Reviewed by Lyndsey Redding

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