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Her Next Dance

Her Next Dance by Susan C. Fischer

 Four stars.


 Available in e-book and paperback.

Her Next Dance (Forget Me Not Romance 2019) by Susan C. Fischer, is a gentle, clean romantic story about a single mother with a challenging career and a handsome dance instructor who is raising his niece. Though the two are initially attracted to each other when they first meet, complications and fear quickly intrude. From a rocky first date, the romance develops slowly, naturally, and with a great deal of tenderness. This is a faith-based novel, with a genuine spiritual quality and a sprinkling of apt Bible verses, in which strong characters, authentic details, and great world-building create a warm story—but not without its tensions and conflicts.

The heroine, Lauren Miller, is raising an adopted son by herself. She’s a thirty-something trial lawyer, and litigation is one of the last bastions of machoism in the legal field. Her current boss likes to shout at her to stop “acting like a woman.” Yet, inappropriately so, he also wants her to wear shorter skirts—and maybe he wants even more than that. But as uncomfortable and honest as the normally outspoken Lauren is, she doesn’t feel she can quit the job to escape her noxious boss because her son will soon be going to college. She can’t disappoint him by losing a job at this point in their lives and damaging his college options.

As tensions increase dramatically concerning her irate, errant and inappropriate boss, Lauren and her readers will soon wonder: how much will be too much?

While Lauren deals with increasing professional difficulties, she finds support from her para-legal and her son—and from her strong faith. Physically, she finds relief from stress in taking ballroom dance lessons with single-dad and dance instructor, Marco Gonzalez. Marco is raising his orphaned niece and also working as a Realtor. He senses the strength and quality in Lauren’s character, as well as finding her attractive. But he questions whether his two jobs and a young child leave him time to pursue a romance. Maybe all he has the energy for is a friendship—but when the tries to express his concerns to Lauren on a disastrous first date, she misunderstands.

Lauren’s son is injured, adding more pressure to her already stressful life, and Marco makes amends for the misunderstandings as he offers his help. Although Lauren senses a deepening connection with Marco, she still struggles to trust him, remembering not only his own hesitancy, but her ex-fiancé who abandoned her. There is such honesty in Lauren’s and Marco’s tentative but budding relationship, readers will be pulled into the romance and will wonder how and when they will finally commit to each other.

The book is a genuine, heart-felt story, with characters the readers will admire and cheer for as they struggle in their complex, modern lives. The faith-based nature of the story adds a richness to the book, yet there’s no denying the topical issues involved in the plot—from “me-too” movement moments, issues of single parenting, opioid abuse, and career tug-a-wars, this is a very modern book.

Her Next Dance is authentic in detail, nuance and tone as the author is also a single parent and was a trial lawyer. Susan Fischer creates a vivid, accurate view into the legal world without letting the legal threads slow down the romance and the compelling personal stories.

A worthy book, deserving of attention, Her Next Dance is the first in a series of faith-based romances by Fischer, who now conducts Christian mediation and offers her services as a speaker and prayer counselor.

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