Review: Fear of Flying (#2)

Fear of Flying by Leigh Court was an enjoyable easy read. I give it 4+ stars.

“You will not die in a plane crash,” and “you will meet at tall, dark stranger.” That’s the fortune teller’s good news for the heroine. Jessie Jordan is a publicist who specializes in blog tours who barely manages to keep her fear of flying hidden. When she’s told to guide travel writer Regan Quade on his upcoming book tour, at first she’s excited. He’s handsome, well-spoken and charming. Then he balks at having someone ‘guide’ him through his tours. He’s well-traveled, experienced and doesn’t need anyone’s help. But he’s hiding a bit of insecurity at being off the circuit for three years and maybe he’s trying a bit too hard to prove himself. And is he hiding a painful past from his service in the military?

Jessie on the other hand is a control freak and it drives Regan crazy. He questions, with her fear of flying, why she’s chosen a job that requires her to fly all over the country. She’s beginning to wonder how she ever found him attractive and then he kisses her in a desperate move to shut her up. But that proves to both of them how volatile their relationship could be. Regan says he can’t have a real relationship, and Jessie will not be controlled.

As they go from radio and tv stations across the country their attraction blooms beginning with a mile-high experience that I found a little jarring that soon into their relationship but I guess fear of death could cause a break in your usual pattern of behavior. And then there’s the whole forbidden factor. . .

Ultimately, a crisis makes these two face their fears and pasts and we wind up with a nice HEA. If you’re looking for a quick sexy read with a happy ending to fill your hours on your flight or on that layover, try this one. That is unless you have a Fear of Flying.

Review by Livia Quinn.


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