Review: Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying by Leigh Court

4.5 out of 5 stars

Contemporary Romance Novella

“You’re never going to die in a plane crash.”

Jessie Jordan doesn’t believe in psychics, but has a hard time ignoring the one who seems to know her worst fear. As a book publicist for a New York publisher, her jobs requires her to fly all over the country with authors on a regular basis. She loves her job except for one small problem.

She hates flying.

Jessie also isn’t too fond of her newest assignment, eco-travel writer Regan Quade. He’s charming and sexy as sin, but drives Jessie crazy with his arrogant attitude towards her job. In spite of the fact that he makes her life more difficult professionally, personally the attraction between them can’t be ignored.

Jessie does her best not to cross any lines that could ruin her career by getting involved with a client. But each time they fly to the next location, Regan uses some rather creative measures underneath an airline blanket to make Jessie forget her fear of flying. By the time the tour makes it way to Los Angeles, all lines are crossed and Jessie finds herself in love with a man that knows how to charm and pleasure her, but isn’t capable of giving any more than that.

But fate has a way of intervening and showing Jessie and Regan what’s truly important.

Fear of Flying takes the reader on a steamy ride through the skies and in the bedroom from coast to coast. The writing is well-structured, giving romance readers what they crave: the meeting of the characters, their predicament in being stuck together, their resistance to each other, the eventual capitulation, the black moment, and the happily ever after. The story has a great pace to it that keeps the reader engaged, just in case the sexy Regan doesn’t keep them turning the pages.

All in all, Fear of Flying is a quick and pleasing read that made me want a Regan of my own for the next time I fly.

Review by Eliza Peake

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