Cover Reveal: Melting the Ice

Melting The Ice

Talia never imagined that at almost forty years old, she’d be newly single again. Not to mention picking up a sexy young man at a Pittsburgh bar. What she thought was a one-night stand, turned into night after night of the best sex she’d ever had. Even the news that he was a teammate of her brother couldn’t extinguish the desire she had for Harrison. Somehow, he had made himself a permanent fixture in her bed and was slowly moving in on her heart. He fawned over her like no man ever had before, and she was loving the attention, but she wasn’t ready to give her heart away so easily. Not after what she just went through.

Harrison vowed off relationships. He was a self-proclaimed lifelong-bachelor. Talia was simply supposed to be a notch in his bedpost, a hook-up. But he was drawn to this woman with such an animal attraction. Typically, he never bedded the same woman twice, yet he couldn’t get enough of Talia.

At her age, she wasn’t looking for a new relationship. With Harrison, things quickly turned hot and heavy. She had her fun, and it was very fun, but now her divorce papers were finalized.

It was time to figure out what made her happy, put on her big-girl pants and start the next chapter of her life.

The only problem was, she knew exactly what made her happy – the one thing she shouldn’t want – Harrison.

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