Review: A December with a Duke

A December with a Duke by Collette Cameron, book 3 in the Seductive Scoundrels series.

4 stars

Wealthy widow Everleigh Chatterton got lucky when her abusive husband died and left her with a fortune. She is determined that she will never be in a situation again where a man will have control over either her or her wealth. Her past has made her fearful of even having an intimate relationship with a man, unsure she’ll ever be able to trust again.

But then she meets the Duke of Sheffield and though she’s determined to hold him at arm’s length, she is drawn to the tenderness and deference he shows his little girl. Even more so when she discovers the child was an orphan Sheffield took in.

He’s been looking for a duchess, someone who would care for little Sarah, and not only does he find Everleigh attractive but Sarah is drawn to her. Time is limited however. The end of the Christmas celebration will mean an end to his chances to persuade Everleigh to marry him, and now he’s in love with her.

Though Collette Cameron deals with some heavy emotional issues in this Christmas setting, it is told with an inspiring and encouraging outcome. I loved that she gave us a peek into how a woman who had given up on men and relationships could heal and get the love she deserved.

A sweet and uplifting holiday addition to the Seductive Scoundrels series by Collette Cameron.

Review by Livia Quinn.


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