Slither by Hargrove Perth

The vaccine was supposed to change the world, offer vampires a way to exist alongside humans without deadly consequences. Unfortunately, a vaccine doesn’t mean all the fangers behave themselves. That reason alone is why Gunnar’s reputation precedes her. If Gunnar Kyle is assigned a case file, there’s only one possible outcome. She’s known in the fanger community, and inside the hunter community, for having the most kills, the most extractions, and as the most ruthless hunter ever employed during the vampire outbreak that swept across America and Europe.

Bitten by an unclassifiable creature during the outbreak in Manhattan, Gunnar is becoming something the abnatural world hasn’t seen. Now stationed in London, where headquarters can keep a close eye on Gunnar for their own dubious reasons, she’s attempting to understand the lingering effects of that single bite that changed her entire life.

When 6 fangers are found murdered, their eyes burnt out by a deadly venom and with their hearts missing, the VAC assigns the case to Gunnar. The killer is slowly moving its way through the Districts, working toward the VAC sanctioned apartment building that houses not only Gunnar but also other hunters and members of the Vampire Area Council.

Gunnar turns to the only fanger she trusts, the sexy and deadly Algernon Vale to help her. Their relationship is not VAC sanctioned as is protocol, but Gunnar’s never been much for following the rules. She wants answers and knows Algernon is the only one who can help her, but fearing the danger Algernon faces as the creature starts invading her mind, Gunnar turns to the Fae for answers, hoping they can give some insight, and willingly signs a blood tithe – a contract that can only be broken by death. As the unknown power of the creature that bit Gunnar begins to manifest, it leaves her with few options for surviving… the Slither.

Book Goddess Reviews -Gunnar Kyle is tough as nails, sexy, and an executioner inside the VAC (Vampire Area Council) that hunts down rogue vampires and other abnaturals. Slither is the first book that tells her story inside the Blood Tithe Series, and it’s a kick in the pants ride you won’t want to miss.

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