Review: She’s Out of His League

She’s Out of His League: A Story of Love, Baseball and Happy Endings
By Kathy Coatney
Windtree Press
January 2014, 222 pages
Recommended for the contemporary romance reader, fans of sports romance, and any reader wanting to enjoy a heartfelt, well-told love story.
Reviewed by Lyndsey Redding
She’s Out of His League is nothing short of a charmer—a pure delight from the beginning, when we are transported to a home-coming in farm country, Defiance, Indiana, to the sigh-worthy, happily-ever-after end.
The instant we meet Sam Parker, returning to his hometown after a devastating injury that cut his baseball career short, we know this isn’t going to be an easy reunion. Sam may be a big shot star athlete to the rest of the world. In Defiance, to the people in his life that matter most, Sam’s the guy who walked away – leaving the distant father who wanted him to take over the farm, leaving Emma, the girl Sam loved, and leaving friends in his dust after he failed to prevent the tragic death of his brother Ryan. Stir into the mix a little boy desperate for a home to call his own after being abandoned by his mother, and a dying father who can no longer manage the family farm, and She’s Out of His League becomes much more than a second chance at love story. Kathy Coatney skillfully explores the meaning of family and forgiveness with a gentle hand all the while painting each scene so vividly you can almost smell the scent of the peppermint crop coming off the page.
As sparks are rekindled with Sam, strong-willed Emma, so committed to protecting the life on the farm that she’s worked so hard for, doesn’t see how she and Sam can build the life that she yearns for. Even if Sam is willing to shoulder the burden of farm life for a time, Emma knows in her heart that he would drop it all (and her) like a hot rock if he could have another shot at playing ball. It’s an impossible situation. She and Sam proved this to themselves years ago. But the author lovingly shows them and the reader how the seemingly impossible can become possible in this wonderfully heart-felt romance.
Want to be utterly swept away by a heart-warming winner? She’s Out of His League hits it out of the park.

Lyndsey Redding

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