Review: One Magick Yule

One Magick Yule by Teresa Keefer

Reviewed by Livia Quinn

One Magick Yule by Teresa Keeler is a delightful, sweet holiday story. As the title suggests our heroine is a witch, actually, a wiccan of the Appalachian variety. And she communicates with animals which creates not only a few humorous scenes but conflict as well. Aristotle, the owl, is a wise sage who provides the wisdom she needs to view her relationship with her new neighbor in a different light.

After Taylor’s first cozy mystery hit it big she quit her job and moved to the hills of Kentucky to enjoy the solitude and devote all her time to writing. She also sells herbal remedies and foods to the locals but only a few know her secret. She’s been rejected in the past and having so many animal friends is safer than putting her heart on the line again. Then, coincidence, her new neighbor moves in with the same idea in mind. Ben is a writer who just wants solitude. Of course, we know that won’t last.

With her animal friends, and his, encouraging her to take a chance, Christmas in a small rural community approaches. And then there’s that pesky secret hanging out there that we know Ben must discover eventually. What will happen?

If you’ve ever been to a small town festival or holiday celebration you’ll recognize the atmosphere here. You can almost smell the homemade bread and taste the cookies and prime rib. The interactions between the locals, the bonds of community and themes of acceptance and opening your heart to possibilities make this just right for cozying up to the fire with a glass of wine or mulled cider.

Though it was a bit slow to start, stick with it. It’s clean, heart-warming and a little different spin on a holiday romance. I liked it enough that I would read another book by this author if I was in the mood for something witchy.

I give it a hearty four stars.

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