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If you liked John McDonald and Edna Buchanan, you might just like Christine Kling’s Seychelle Sullivan series. Like McDonald and Buchanan, the series is set in South Florida, is authentic and compelling, with memorable characters, tight plots, lots of action, a noir gloss, and that distinctive Florida quality. The books feature Seychelle Sullivan, a tug and salvage captain who lives in Fort Lauderdale with her dog, Abaco and evoke that same magic as the old Travis McGee books from McDonald. For more information, see: or buy the latest at

If you liked Thomas Harris’ Silence of the Lambs and other Hannibal books, you might just like Andrew Nance’s All the Lovely Children. Like Harris, Nance writes a chilling, atmosphere book that will keep you up nights turning pages. A story in a story, All the Lovely Children is complex, well-written and involves a serial killer but with an original twist. Read a review at or buy it at

If you like Stephanie Blackmoore’s Wedding Planner mysteries, you just might like Laura Durham’s Annabelle Archer wedding planner series, with 11 books in the series to date, including the debut Better Off Wed, an Agatha Award winner. These are charming books, with romance, quirky characters, and an always compelling mystery in the middle of wedding shenanigans. The books in the series are sheer fun to read, light where they need to be, serious where they must be, funny in surprising spots, and well written with a sharp plot and clear, crisp language. Learn more at or get the first award-winning book in the series for free at

Compiled by Claire Matturro

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