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Have you ever been curious about where authors get inspiration for their books? When I’m reading a book by one of my favorite authors, I sometimes find myself wondering how they came up with an idea. Where does their sense of humor come from? How do they know what they know? Just this week, I wished I could sit across a table from Kristan Higgins and ask her if some of the things in her life mirror the stories she writes.

In my new release, Christmas Vows, two siblings in the Calloway family are planning a double wedding at the Calloway Farm while their relatives are in town for the December reunion. (Something momentous always happens at Christmas time in Rainbow Bayou, thus there are two Christmas books.)

Christmas Vows:

Delilah and Luc and Samantha and Jed are looking forward to their special day, a double Christmas wedding at the Calloway Farm with all their friends and family in attendance. Meanwhile, Beau and Maddie are expecting their baby. Great news, right? But after the women go missing on a shopping trip and a desperate veteran threatens everyone they love, the men in their lives scramble to make sure Maddie’s delivery and the wedding come off as planned.

So, since one of my beta readers asked me if double weddings were a real thing, I thought I’d share my inspiration for siblings Samantha and Luc’s wedding. When I was researching the book, I didn’t find many details about double weddings. Did each bride have their own bridesmaids? Did they wear matching gowns?

The matching brides here are my mother on the right and her identical twin. Their wedding took place at the end of World War II after my father, uncle and two of the groomsmen came home from the war. The fictional wedding ins Christmas Vows looks a little different than my parents’ wedding but I love this sweet picture. All the ladies look so happy and I just noticed… my dad looks the happiest of the guys. Interesting.

In addition to that research, I spent probably twenty hours on wedding dress sites deciding which character would wear what dress. That was so much fun. That’s the thing about writing fiction. You can create a world you may not have experienced in real life. It’s happened to me in many so situations during this series. Just for kicks I’ll share a few of my favorites.

(Pictures from the Knot and Hailey Page sites.) Which dress do you like?

It’s always fascinating to me where ideas come from. Maybe there’s something you’ve experienced that you wish someone would write about. Feel free to share.


SSBE staffer Livia Quinn is a DC native living in Louisiana. She’s published fifteen books both paranormal and contemporary. Christmas Vows is the seventh book in the Calloways of Rainbow Bayou.

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