December 13, 2018

Holiday Romances to Warm Your Heart

Jingle With My Princess

Dr. Scott Pratt has done his best to forget his former girlfriend who left him to marry Prince Paul of Rensy Island. Now she’s begging him to come and save her ailing son. Although he’d rather punch her husband, Scott agrees to operate on the toddler prince.
A lovely young woman greets him at the airport and it’s attraction at first sight with…Princess Charlene, the younger sister of Prince Paul. Sweet irony or rotten luck?
Nothing compares to the storm of passion between them. And how can he keep her in his life when they live on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean?

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Sweet Peppermint Kisses

There’s no place like home. Until the heart gallops off in an unexpected direction… Light and sweet, this romance is full of Christmas cheer. Because sometimes the best gifts are hiding right under your heart.

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Holiday Mysteries to keep you guessing!

Murder At The North Pole

Newly appointed Christmas Special Investigator Steingrim Og’s first day on the job is interrupted by a murder and theft of a magic item, which threatens to destroy all society at the North Pole.

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Betrayal At The North Pole


The Sinterklaas has tasked Christmas Special Investigator Steingrim Og with finding a missing spell, but he must first contend with a new assistant and aid an old friend.

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A brave Knight…A beautiful heroine..Historical Romance full of intrigue!

The Guardian’s Witch

Lord Alex Stelton can’t resist a challenge, especially one with a prize like this: protect a castle on the Scottish border for a year, and it’s his. Desperate for land of his own, he’ll do anything to win the estate—even enter a proxy marriage to Lady Lisbeth Reynolds, the rumored witch who lives there.

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Read an excerpt of Red Dale Ray by Debra Cunningham.

“Not only was it a fun read, the author used a unique approach narrating the story. Recommended for readers who want to kick back with an easy read to escape their hectic day.” ~Amazon Reviewer


Keta Diablo Presents

  • Eli Trace and Hollis Rowan have been friends in the small town of Barrows since childhood. Their lives are changed forever when Stede Marrow rides in on his big shiny motorcycle.

Contemporary Romance

Just Talk To Me

Four couples take us on the beginning of their journey of emotional toil, self-discovery and an educational lesson on the impact of communication.

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It Had To Be You

Love happens when you least expect it. . .even when you resist. A series with so much love and heart you’ll be cheering for each couple to get their happily ever after.

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Hunting a murderer is hot work, in more ways than one. Lindsey Califaro is suspicious when her boss  is killed in a car accident. She’s had a funny feeling about things around the agency for a while and now her spidey senses are going haywire. Something is wrong and she’s determined to find out what.

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Young Adult Sci-Fi

Adventures of Ear-Z

What started out as a normal day for Ear-Z and his friends turns into a day of unexpected adventure, confusion and chaos. 

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Time Travel Romance

Time To Save a Cowboy
The Cowboy Doesn’t Deserve to HANG! Captivated by the story of a cowboy hanged as a horse thief in 1890, Mia Kellogg travels back in time with only thirty days to save an innocent man.
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Whatever It Takes

Chase was a one woman kind of guy until he found his wife cheating on him.

Callie is a single mom who isn’t interested in dating anyone… especially not a playboy like Chase.

Fate seems to keep putting them in each other’s paths.

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